The Lion King Hero.

Who loves The Lion King? I know I do! The Lion King has so many incredible heroes just like how we do! My number one hero is my dad. First of all he was in the U.S. Marines for four years, and in order to be in the military you have to be extremely brave […]

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Alex Morgan!!

Hi guys! Today’s blog is all about my favorite soccer player… ALEX MORGAN!  She is my all time idol, I think she is the best soccer player ever! Alex Morgan inspired me to play soccer, so if it weren’t for her I wouldn’t be where I am with soccer today! Alex plays as a striker […]

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Big News!

So a couple weeks ago I made a blog about my 20 percent project. I tried calling all the fabric stores I could think of but none of them were giving donations. So, about two days ago, I started my own Go fund me page ( check it out)! Right now, I have already raised […]

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Murder Mysteries!

So about a month ago we started studying forensic science. At first I did not understand at all, but now it is super fun. Right now we are working on a case called the Felix mystery, it is about a man who got killed at a house party with his friends who are Vera, Kendra, […]

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All about school!

Most of you may already know that I am in middle school! I wake up around 6:15 in the morning to get dressed and brush my hair. Then I go downstairs for breakfast and brush my teeth after, I pack up my school bag and get my shoes on and walk out the door at […]

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All about my project!!

So at school we have to do a project called our 20 percent project and I am making care packages for the military!We recently had our project pitch and if you would like to learn more about my project go to my Visual Aide for more information about my project! I am going to get a […]

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My story time!

ACTIVITY 3:  Once there was a Boston Terrier named Bella. She was just a puppy and one thing she loved to do was travel! Her owner named Mike took her on every vacation, but one day Mike got a very serious call about work and had to book a flight to Oregon as soon […]

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All about my avatar!

This blog is about my avatar. I made my avatar on Face Your Manga and it is awesome! My avatar was pretty easy to make and it looks just like me. You should totally check their website out. I created my avatar based on how I look, it has a warm smile, a little bit of […]

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