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Hello world, I’m Ruby and today this blog is all about me. So my favorite thing to do is probably play soccer, I have been playing since I was four years old and I am always up to playing it. Besides playing soccer I also like to cook (especially tacos yum!) baking is fun too because of all the sweets! I like to play with my best friends who live in the neighborhood whenever I can! In my free time I play with my dogs too their names are Fiona and Brady and they are Boston Terriers. My favorite color is light orange and my favorite place to eat is the Jeff Ruby’s Precint even though I have only been there once in my life but their steak is just amazing!! I also love Starbucks and Chipotle as well. My favorite soccer player would of course be Alex Morgan!! My favorite football team is the New England Patriots and my favorite player is Tom Brady (My dog is named after him)!

On normal days I will either practice math, play with friends, watch YouTube, play video games, play soccer, and watch television, lets just admit I’m a normal 11 year old! A few talents I posses are singing, soccer, juggling, flexibility, and being awesome! And did you know my dad was in the military? Bet ya didn’t! My favorite candy would of course have to be chocolate, and starbursts. One thing I also like to do is make bracelets, to be more specific rubber band bracelets. So I hope you learned a bit about my life and thank you for reading.Image result for all about me logo

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